Investment Portfolio Management

Our Approach to Investment Portfolio Management: Putting Your Interests First With Patience and Decisiveness

We will create a portfolio individually customized to meet your specific preferences and needs giving you the most personal attention at every level. We will consider your financial objectives, attitude towards risk, tax situation, and time horizons. We rely on a combined system of analysis utilizing our expertise on technical analysis to provide us with the right price and time to enter the market. Timing the market is our specialty and we have provided positive double digit returns for our clients even during the difficult years of 2010 and 2011. It is this unique ability that distinguishes us from the rest of the advisory financial institutions out there. It is a very active form of portfolio management, with daily and constant monitoring, waiting for our objectives and targets to be achieved. This fits with the current volatile period of the last ten years and is superior to the buy and hold strategies which have yielded very low if not negative returns over this period.
Ultimately, our goal is to help you preserve and build wealth.

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